Healthy Skin
Work your way to healthy skin

Healthy, smooth and acne free skin is wanted by everyone. Some of the ways to get rid of blemishes and acne are:

  • Drink water according to your body weight. Water drains and removes all the toxins from your body. Drink at least 8-10 glasses per day as it detoxifies your body and also helps in keeping acne at bay.
  • Eat healthy: Refrain from eating out often because restaurants cook food in unclean oil. Make sure that you eat home-made food more often. Also eat raw or boiled vegetable and maintain a balance between protein and carbohydrates. Vegetables contain minerals and anti-oxidants that help in clearing acne and removing blemishes.
  • Workout: take out time for your-self and work out. At least one hour a day, take time out to do HIIT workout or any other workout so that your blood circulates. The movement of your blood helps in clearing your skin and improving your metabolism.
  • Avoid sun: if you like the sun then wake up early in the morning because the sun rays at that time are light and that is when your body will absorb the maximum vitamin D. But the sun rays in the afternoon are bad for your skin because the scorching sun has ultraviolet rays which can cause cancer and sun-tan. If your work is of such sort that you have to stay in the sun, then take an umbrella with you and apply sunscreen. It helps in saving your skin from the sun.
  • Change your pillow covers at least thrice a week: Especially those with sensitive and acne-prone skin, don't forget to change your pillow covers because when our face rubs against the pillow cover; it scrubs away the dead skin. So always change the covers or clean your bed before sleeping.
  • No make-up while you are sleeping: always remember to clean your make and let your skin breathe through the pores before going to sleep. Otherwise, clogged pores will cause bacteria which will in turn cause acne. So always clean your face with a good skin toner.
  • Invest in some branded make-up for a good skin: there is a difference between cheap and expensive make-up. Expensive make-up effects your face differently and might not cause acne or skin damage while cheap make-up will show on face. You might get a bad pimple after using bad and cheap make-up product.
  • Eat mixed nuts: the fats present in nuts can not only do wonders for your skin but also for your hair. They are responsible for a glow in the skin. They can help in eliminating breakouts and reduce blemishes. Eat a handful of nuts every day for a smooth and glowy skin.
  • Healthy Food Choices for the Scan Diet

Include these points in your daily routine to get a smooth and healthy looking skin. Keep away from intoxicated food and keep removing toxins from your body. Also keep a good and expensive moisturizer with you to apply on face in case of dryness.